What Steps are Carried Out During Facial Treatments?

Healthy skin is crucial for allowing a person to look their best. When a person does not take proper care of their skin, they can begin to experience sun damage, acne breakouts, and increased signs of aging. Through Facial treatments, these problems can be taken care of. This improves the health of the skin, makes a person look younger and allows the skin to feel soft and silky.

There are several steps involved in a facial treatment. These include:

The first step in a facial is opening up the pores of the skin. The pores need to be opened so dirt, oil and debris can be removed. This is also important for ensuring the healthful nutrients of skin care products being used can penetrate deep into the skin. This may be done through a steam machine or a hot towel.

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Once the pores are open, the esthetician will use a special polishing cleanser. This cleaner has microparticles that help to remove the outermost layers of dead skin. This allows new skin growth to show through. It also helps to diminish sun damage, lines and wrinkles, and scarring. The esthetician may also offer stronger treatments for those wanting Acne Scar removal.


Using a gentle cleanser, the esthetician will begin to gently massage the skin. Working in circular movements allows for increased blood flow to the skin. This brings in nutrients the skin needs for better skin health. Increased blood flow also allows the skin to glow.

The last process is one of the most crucial because it provides moisture to the deepest levels of the skin. This makes the skin feel soft and silky. It also gives a renewed glow to the skin that makes a person look much younger and healthier.


Most estheticians agree people should have a facial at least once a month. Those who suffer from overly oily or dry skin may benefit from treatments carried out more often. A monthly massage not only improves the skin, but can help to relax the mind and body, bringing an elevated mood and decreased depression. Have a facial today and experience the many benefits.

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